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The Power of Prophetic Voice

Lesson: Characteristics of prophetic voice

Esther’s Prophetic Voice

As we continue examining the power of prophetic voice, we consider Esther as one who acted prophetically. Specifically, we will use her encounter with the king and Haman to explore characteristics of prophetic voice. We argue that Esther’s actions reveal four characteristics of prophetic voice.

Prophetic Voice is Courageous

Mordecai challenges Esther to speak up for her people. How would Esther respond? How does her response help us in understanding and using our prophetic voice?

Let’s examine Esther 4:15-17

How do you define courage?

How did Esther show courage in her response?

Why is courage needed when exercising prophetic voice?

Prophetic Voice is Creative

Esther had to be creative in presenting her request to the king. She was risking her very life in going in to see the king. How would she speak up in a way that the king would hear her?

Read Esther 5:1-8

How did Esther use creativity in lifting up her voice prophetically?

How can we be creative in using prophetic voice?

Prophetic Voice is Confrontational

Esther did not stop at creativity; she was also confrontational. Esther specifically confronted Haman. She understood that in order for God’s will to be done she had to confront the sinful plot Haman had devised.

Consider Esther 7:1-6

How did Esther confront Haman?

Was it effective or ineffective? Why?

What can we learn about Esther confrontation with Haman to help us use our prophetic voice?

Prophetic Voice is Constructive

Finally, let us consider the constructive nature of prophetic voice. Esther did not stop with confronting Haman, she also acted to construct a different outcome for her people. Esther spoke up one more time to the king on behalf of the Jews.

How did Esther go about constructing a different outcome for the Jews?

What impact did it have on their future?

How could we constructively use prophetic voice to achieve a different outcome for others at this time?


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