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Follow Me: Learning to Lead through Following Christ

Lesson 1: Who Has Your Ear?

John 10:22-30

We Follow Whoever Has Our Ear

A 30 second commercial aired during the Super Bowl costs over $5.6 million. Why? Because companies know that millions of people watch the Super Bowl and will buy their product because of the ads they see. The goal of a commercial is to get the eyes and ears of the viewer so that they feel they need the product being advertised.

What does this have to do with following Jesus?

Simply put-we follow whoever has our ear.

How do you know who has your ear?

Let’s look at the encounter between Jesus and a group of Jews to answer “Who has your ear?”

A Question for the Christ (John 10:22-24)

Jesus was in Jerusalem during the Feast of Dedication. While at the temple, the Jews asked him a question: How long will you keep us in suspense? Their question was about Jesus’ identity. Specifically, they wanted to know was he the Christ.

What are some reasons they may have asked Jesus this question about his identity?

What are some reasons people question Jesus’ identity today?

Until we settle the matter concerning Jesus’ identity we will struggle to follow him. Our commitment will wane and be inconsistent because we are not convinced he is who he said he is. The question the Jews asked revealed they were not yet convinced that Jesus was the Messiah.

An Answer for the Crowd (John 10:25-26)

Jesus’ response to the Jews’ question was very straightforward. He addressed their doubt concerning his identity. The answer Jesus gave them is the same answer he gives everyone who questions his identity today.

What was Jesus’ answer to the Jews’ question?

Jesus said three things to the Jews in verses 25 and 26. These three things are at the

heart of all unbelief. They reveal who has the person’s ear.

· You did not believe my answer

· The works I do prove my identity

· You do not believe because I don’t have your ear

What does believing have to do with who has your ear?

It is important to know that our faith in Jesus determines whether or not he has our ear. If we do not believe what he says, he doesn’t have our ear. Therefore, we are not following Jesus but someone or something else.

Knowing Jesus Has Your Ear (John 10:27-30)

As Jesus continues his response to the Jews’ question, he makes it clear how to know if he has your ear. What he says to the Jews about his sheep still applies today. While many profess to follow Jesus, their lives indicate they are not truly his sheep.

In reading verses 27-30, how does Jesus say his sheep are identified?

Jesus’ sheep:

· Hear his voice

· Are known by him

· Follow Jesus

· Receive eternal life

· Are safe and secure

· Recognize Jesus for who he is

When Jesus has your ear, you yield in obedience to his voice. This type of yielding is produced through intimate relationship. The relationship is one of following that produces eternal life. As a result of the intimate relationship of following Jesus in yielded obedience, his sheep are safe and secure. They also recognize his identity as being one with the Father.

Let us make sure that Jesus has our ear.

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Roy A
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