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We believe the church is not the building itself, but rather the people of God. We at LTM believe all members should engage in ministry in some way and support the vision of the local church. Our ministries grow out of and support our vision.


Worship Ministry

Worshiping God is what we were created to do. Therefore, the vision of the worship ministry is to engage in worship that transforms lives.

If you...

   - Are gifted and anointed musically
   - Have a heart for interceding for others
   - Can keep order and attentive to needs 
   - Have a warm inviting spirit
...the worship ministry may be a good area for you to serve

Outreach Ministry

God's agenda in the Earth is that the lost would be saved. That they would leave the kingdom of darkness, and enter His kingdom of light. Therefore, the vision of the outreach ministry is to have outreach encounters which impact our community with the Gospel of Christ that results in souls added to the kingdom. 

If you...

   - Are gifted in evangelism 
   - Have a burning burden for the lost
   - Value meeting new people
   - Desire to serve and make a difference in the  

...the outreach ministry may be a good area for you to serve


Discipleship Ministry

All believers are called to go and make disciples (followers of Jesus) of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything Christ commanded. Therefore, the vision of the discipleship ministry is to produce mature disciples who make disciples. 

If you...

   - Are able to teach and articulate the word of God
   - Love meeting one-on-one with people to   
     encourage them
   - Are able to discern what's happening in other's  
   - Have the heart to want to see other's mature

...the discipleship ministry may be a good area for you to serve

Student Ministry

God care's for the souls of children as well. We believe children and youth are as valuable in the church as adults. The vision of the children and youth ministry is to raise children/youth in the ways of Christ that results in a sincere, faithful, lasting love for Christ.

If you...

   - Have a heart for children/youth 
   - Gifted to connect and interact with children/youth 
   - Have children/youth yourself
   - Understand and have knowledge in what impacts 
      our children/youth today

...the children/youth ministry may be a good area for you to serve


Check out our word centered teaching.

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